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What are ACS Events?




ACS Webinars can prepare a short presentation including a Q&A session with a chemistry guru that will be broadcast straight to your local section.  It’s a cheap, easy way to bring high caliber speakers to your group. Scroll down for an example of past events.

If you are interested in organizing or participating in such an event, let us know. Please share any topics that you would be interested in learning about or even suggest a specific speaker. Email us at acswebinars at acs dot org, and include the words ‘more events’ in the subject line; or you may fill out the form below.

Past Events:

February 28, 2013 — A Date with Science: Dinner and Dessert Chemistry

 Host an event with your local section or student chapter with ACS Webinars to savor the sweetness of food chemistry. The ACS Younger Chemists Committee (YCC) and ACS Webinars have partnered together to create an amazing programming opportunity for you. We invite you to host a “Date with Science: Dinner and Dessert Chemistry” event for your local section. You will be joining many local groups that will tune in to the event simultaneously from across the country.Connect with Guy Crosby of America’s Test Kitchen and Sally Mitchell, winner of  The ACS James Bryant Conant award,  as they delve into the chemistry of dinner and dessert. After the 30 minute presentation,  these subject matter experts will take questions LIVE from the audience.
We have made it super easy for you to host an event.
If you register by February 15, you will receive a “Program-In-A-Box” kit that includes:

October 2, 2012 — Dinner and a Webinar

Need expert advice on developing your career?

Need program ideas for your local section or student chapter?
The ACS Younger Chemists Committee (YCC), ACS Career Services, and ACS Webinars have partnered together to create an amazing programming opportunity for you. We invite you to host a “Dinner (or Dessert) and Webinar” event for your local section’s younger chemists on October 2nd, 2012 at 8 pm EST/5pm PT. This event is local in focus and national in scope. We really hope that every local section can participate.

ACS Webinars will broadcast a webinar entitled “Secrets from the Other Side—What Recruiters Know that You Don’t” by Dr. Dennis Guthrie of The Dow Chemical Company. This webinar details how to prepare and interview for your first job out of school. There will also be the opportunity to ask Dr. Guthrie questions after the webinar.
If you register by September 17th, you will receive a “Program-In-A-Box” kit that includes:

Co-sponsored with ACS Younger Chemists Committee

Event Organizers

Christine McInnis is a Senior Chemist at the Dow Chemical Company in Spring House, PA. A member of the Dow Microbial Control team, she is works in the water treatment and metalworking fluids markets. Christine recently graduated with a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from the University of Wisconsin, Madison under Dr. Helen Blackwell’s supervision. She enjoys hiking, camping, canoeing, and cycling.





Lisa Nogaj is an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Gannon University, where she teaches introductory and physical chemistry courses.  Her research is centered on the study of fluorescent nanomaterials, especially carbon nanotubes.  Lisa joined the YCC in 2012 because she is passionate about involving younger chemists in the ACS.





Wasiu Lawal is a graduate student at The University of Texas at Arlington where he’s studying Earth and Environmental Sciences. His research focus is on developing processes for water purification using nanoparticles. Wasiu got involved with the YCC locally in 2007 and joined the national committee in 2010. Among his passions are watching sports (soccer and football especially) as well as running.