Help Shape ACS Webinars®!

Help Shape ACS Webinars®!

Interested in ensuring ACS Webinars® meets your needs?


ACS Webinars® Audience Advisory Panel is a select group of volunteers from the chemical/scientific community who help shape the future of ACS Webinars® program by:
* suggesting topics relevant to chemical/scientific professionals
* identifying subject matter experts as potential speakers and moderators
* providing feedback on trends in chemical business and employment
* improving ACS Webinars programs and technology in development


Time commitment:
Time commitment is minimal (<1 hour/month). All communications will be done virtually. We will add you to the ACS Webinars® advisory email distribution list and networking group.


What do you get:
Opportunity to shape the future directions and topics featured on ACS Webinars®.  And of course, our gratitude and appreciation.





4 Responses to “Help Shape ACS Webinars®!”

  1. janet smith says:

    I would like to see the ACS presidents make more use of this webinar tool. I would like to hear about their vision for the ACS and chemistry in general, updates on how the ACS is doing(financially, goal tracking, changes, etc.) This could be a useful tool to get the membership more engaged. I have missed the last several national meetings, and no longer have any connection with the current administration. I miss this and would certainly like to hear what our current president wants to do in her term and where she thinks the ACS is headed.

    the webinars are a great benefit to members.

  2. Andrew Ekstrom says:

    As a graduate student in Chemistry and Applied Mathematics/Statistics, I have learned many useful applications of statistics to chemistry, such as fractional factorial designs and response surfaces. I’ve learned how to tell if data was/is analyzed properly. So far, I haven’t found any articles where I think the authors did a good job of designing and analyzing their experiments. I would love to see seminars that focus on specific topics of statistics that are applied to chemical data. You could start with the basics, t-tests, paired t-tests, etc. Then move up to regression models, factorial designs, fractional factorial designs, response surfaces, split plot designs, nested designs, survival analysis, logistic regression, etc. You could put those Webinars on line and charge non-ACS members a small fee and give it to your members for free. I would certainly look forward to better designed and analyzed journal articles.

  3. Chris says:

    I am an undergraduate studying mathematics and physical chemistry. I have learned a great deal from watching past webinars. I have paid specific attention the webinars regarding employment and work related ideas as these are things not taught in school. Also those regarding how to think and learn like a scientist. My suggestion is that a different format be introduced so that users without access to a mac or PC would still be able to view and participate in live webinars. Also that webinars be saved in an open format usable by everyone. I deeply appreciate the information that these webinar make available to raising scientist.

  4. admin says:

    Dear Chris: Thank you for your interest and suggestions for ACS Webinars. We are glad you have found the program to be informative. Per your suggestion, we have placed ACS Webinars on-demand recordings on YouTube. You can access/view these recordings and download slides from and search for the topics of your interest, or by going directly to ACS Webinars on YouTube Thank you. -ACS Webinars team

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