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ACS Webinars® and the UC San Diego’s von Liebig Entrepreneurism Center have joined forces to bring you the top minds in Chemical Entrepreneurship, featuring hosts Neil Senturia and Barbara Bry.


Chemical Entrepreneurship Series


Business & Innovation: Chemical Entrepreneurship Series

Join our speakers to learn the A-to-Z of being an entrepreneur, finding the right resources, and the challenges/rewards of start-ups. Are you ready?


The Science of Selling: Selling Science to Non-Scientists

EVENT DATE: August 18, 2011.
You have a great scientific idea – but you are puzzled about how to sell it. To be successful, today’s scientists need to be more than just great scientists. One needs to know how to pare down complex technical issues and make it relevant to the business audience. Join our speakers Carol Nacy, CEO at Sequella, and Juliane Snowden, VP at Burns McClellan, as they provide you with valuable internal and external business perspectives and tips to successfully get others to ‘buy your science’.


Who’s Around the Corner? Performing Technology Scouting and Market Feasibility Analysis

EVENT DATE: July 21, 2011
Many businesses fail because they are late to recognize key changes in the technology and market landscape. How can you make sure your business, products, and services remain relevant to your customers? Join our speakers Pamela Roach and Elaine Harris, of Breakthrough Marketing Technology, as they share tangible strategies that can help you stay competitive and grow your business!


Protecting Your Idea & Safeguarding Your Business Structure

EVENT DATE: Thursday June 16, 2011.
For startups and entrepreneurs, Intellectual Property is often the most valuable asset. How do you safeguard your idea while shopping for investors? How do you work effectively with internal and external counsel? Learn the hot issues surrounding IP and steps you can take to protect your ideas. Join our speakers, Dr. Chris Curfman with McKeon Meunier, Carlin & Curfman, LLC, and Dr. Christine Bellon with Hydra Biosciences, as they share the IP protection strategies from in-house and external counsel perspective.


Turning on the Light Bulb – Idea Generation and Idea Evaluation

EVENT DATE: Thursday, May 19, 2011.
Have you ever wondered how some people or organizations appear to consistently come up with “good ideas?” It isn’t just luck. Learn some simple techniques used to increase the generation and evaluation of actionable ideas.


Valuable Resources for Science and Engineering Consultants

EVENT DATE: Thursday, March 3, 2011
More scientific professionals are turning to consulting as a career. At the same time, more and more companies are hiring consultants as a cost effective business approach. But finding those key resources to build your consulting practice presents a challenge for many consultants. In this session, our presenter and a successful consultant John Newport, will share valuable tips on the many cost-effective resources available for consultants that can help you find your next project, market your technical expertise, be in legal compliance, and develop those necessary skills to sustain your consulting business.