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Chemistry & the Economy: 2014 Mid-Year Update

EVENT DATE: June 5, 2013

Business and Innovation Channel: Chemistry and the Economy Series

Join Paul Hodges and Mark Jones, as they discuss the issues and trends you need to be aware of in 2014.


Cannabis Chemistry 101

EVENT DATE: Thursday, May 1, 2014

Joy of Science Channel

Join us presentation and discussion on the chemistry of cannabis.


Strategies for Applying to Grad School

EVENT DATE: Thursday, July 10, 2014

Professional Growth Channel

Learn how to pick the right program and get accepted with Dr. Sam Pazicni.


Surviving and Succeeding in Grad School

EVENT DATE: Thursday, May 8, 2014

Professional Growth Channel

Learn some tips from Dr. Sam Pazicni on how to adapt and succeed in grad school.


Meet the Experts of the 2014 Drug Discovery Series

Dr. Richard Connell

Rick received his Chemistry PhD in 1989 and was a NIH post-doctoral fellow at Harvard with Professor E.J. Corey. He began his career as a bench chemist at Bayer prior to joining Pfizer as a head of Cancer Chemistry in 1999.  He presently leads the External Research Solutions group in Groton, CT: a group that integrates and aligns a network of CROs, biotech and academic groups to support delivery of the research portfolio at Pfizer.



Dr. Joseph Fortunak

Dr. Joseph Fortunak is an organic chemist. He spent 21 years in the pharmaceutical industry, most recently as head of global chemical development at Abbott Labs. Dr. Fortunak is a professor at Howard University, specializing in green chemistry and global access to medicines. He works with organizations including the WHO, UNITAID, the Clinton Foundation, and the Kilimanjaro School of Pharmacy.



Dr. Lynn Gold

Dr. Lynn Gold earned a B.S. in Chemistry from SUNY at Buffalo, a Ph.D. in Physical Organic Chemistry from the University of Rochester.  Dr. Gold began her pharmaceutical career in research and development with Kabi Vitrum. Currently, at Camargo Pharmaceutical Services, she manages Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls development programs for clients, supporting submissions to the FDA.



Dr. Christopher Lipinski

Dr. Christopher Lipinski is a Scientific Advisor to Melior Discovery a drug repurposing biotech. An ACS and AAPS member, he is the author of the “rule of five” the most highly cited paper in Medicinal Chemistry and is a member of the ACS “Medicinal Chemistry Hall of Fame” and the winner of multiple awards. An adjunct professor in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the Univ. of Mass. Amherst he has 285 publications and invited presentations and 19 issued US patents.


Dr. Derek Lowe

Derek has worked on a variety of drug discovery projects since starting in the industry in 1989 at Schering-Plough.  After several years at Bayer, he is now a member of an exploratory biochemistry team at Vertex. His web site (“In the Pipeline”) is a widely read source of pharma news and opinion.




Dr. Nicholas Meanwell

Dr. Meanwell has a Ph.D, from the U. Sheffield and completed a Postdoctoral Fellowship at Wayne State University. He joined Bristol-Myers Squibb in 1982 and has led the antiviral chemistry group since 1992.  They have pioneered several mechanistically novel antiviral approaches including influenza and respiratory syncytial virus fusion inhibitors, HIV-1 attachment inhibitors and HCV NS5A inhibitors. They have also completed Phase 3 clinical trials of a combination of the HCV NS5A inhibitor daclatasvir and the HCV NS3 inhibitor asunaprevir.



Dr. John Morrison

Dr. John Morrison earned his doctorate from the University of Western Ontario studying the light-struck reaction in beer in collaboration with the Labatt Brewing Company.  Upon graduation he joined the Preformulation and Analytical Development department of Apotex to develop novel drug product formulations.  John is currently a member of the Bristol-Myers Squibb Discovery Pharmaceutics group assessing developability risks for a variety of preclinical research programs.  He also volunteers on several committees for the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists.


Dr. Tudor Oprea

Dr. Tudor Oprea has over two decades of knowledge and data mining in drug discovery, with focus on translational informatics, cheminformatics, drug repurposing and virtual screening. Fifteen years of conceptual development for chemical space exploration, including leadlike and druglike properties for high-throughput screening and synthesis. Strong biomedical background with previous clinical and pharmaco-physiological training. One book as editor (Wiley-VCH), three US patents, five pending patent applications, and over 140 peer-reviewed papers published since 1993. Member of the ACS and AAPS; recipient of the Hansch award (2002) and the AAPS Journal Best manuscript award (2013).


Dr. John P. Overington

John studied chemistry at the University of Bath, United Kingdom and continued his studies for a PhD at Birkbeck College, University of London, working on developing software for automated protein modeling, and subsequently sequence-structure comparison methods. John then moved to the laboratories of Pfizer at Sandwich, United Kingdom, where his responsibilities grew to cover structural biology, molecular modeling and chemo-informatics. Subsequently, John took a position at Inpharmatica, where he led the chemo-genomics technology group. John has led the development of many novel databases and algorithms applied to human health research, and explored some of the fundamental reasons for the apparently limited target space for drugs. Most recently, John has moved to the EMBL-EBI to place these databases in the public domain on an open access basis, and to develop data-mining approaches to aid in the target and lead discovery, and lead optimization processes.


Molly Schmid

Molly B. Schmid, Ph.D. is currently a Senior Counselor for TriTech Small Business Development Center, President of the Inland Empire network of the Tech Coast Angels and a member of the TCA Board of Directors.  Part of her career was in academia, as Professor and Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Sciences in Claremont CA and Assistant Professor of Molecular Biology at Princeton University. She also held senior leadership positions in the biotech industry, as Senior Vice President of Preclinical Programs at Affinium Pharmaceuticals in Toronto, Director of Genomics and Bioinformatics at Genencor International, and Director of Biology and Vice President of Research Alliances at Microcide Pharmaceuticals.  She is a Fellow of the American Academy of Microbiology, a Searle Scholar, and a Damon-Runyon Fellow. Dr. Schmid earned her PhD in biology from the University of Utah and her undergraduate degree in biology from SUNY Albany.

Chemistry & the Economy 2013 Year-end Review

EVENT DATE: December 12, 2013

Business and Innovation Channel: Chemistry and the Economy Series

Our dynamic duo is back. Join Paul Hodges and Dr. Bill Carroll, as they discuss the issues and trends you need to know to be prepared for 2014.


No Mentor Available? Mentor Yourself!

EVENT DATE: Thursday November 14, 2013

Professional Growth Channel

Join Dr. Saundra Yancy McGuire in part two in our series that will help shape your future career.


Getting the Most out of Your Mentoring Relationships

EVENT DATE: Thursday November 7, 2013

Professional Growth Channel

Join Dr. Donna Dean in part one in our series that will help shape your future career.


The Chemistry of Motorcycles and Cars: Lighting Fires that Move Tires

EVENT DATE: October 24, 2013

Joy of Science Channel: Extreme Chemistry Series

Join us for a discussion on the chemistry that keeps us moving and keeps us safe.

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