Chemistry & the Economy Mid-year Review

Chemistry & the Economy Mid-year Review

Business and Innovation Channel: Chemistry and the Economy Series

The economies of China and Europe are slowing down, the baby boomers are aging and domestic oil and gas exploration is accelerating. Find out how each of these is affecting the chemical industry and get an overview of the economy.  Join our dynamic duo, Paul Hodges of International eChem, and Bill Carroll, of Occidental Chemical Corporation, as they discuss the issues and trends affecting you in 2012.


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“Chemistry & the Economy: Mid-year Review” A short presentation followed by Q&A with speakers Paul Hodges, Chairman of International eChem and Dr. William Carroll, Jr., Vice President, Industry Issues for Occidental Chemical Corporation.


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“The New Normal” – Free E-Book by Paul Hodges

What You Will Learn

  • China’s slowing economy and the repercussions on the chemical industry
  • How the European economy is affecting the market
  • Shale gas industry’s expansion and its effect on the market
  • How a shift in demographics is affecting demands
  • And much more…


Webinar Details

Date: Thursday, July 12, 2012

Time: 2:00-3:00 pm ET

Fee: Free



Meet Your Experts

Paul Hodges is Chairman of International eChem (IeC). Founded in 2001, IeC has built a reputation as trusted commercial advisers to the global chemical industry and its investment community. He is also serving as non-executive Chairman of a fast-growing technology spin-out from Heriot Watt University, Scotland. In addition, Paul writes the well-regarded ICIS ‘Chemicals and the Economy’ blog. Previously, Paul was an Executive Director of a $1B global business for Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI), Vice President of European Aromatics and Derivatives for DeWitt, and Vice President of Europe for ChemConnect. He is co-author of the new eBook, ‘Boom, Gloom and the New Normal’.


Dr. William Carroll is Vice President of Industry Issues for Occidental Chemical Corporation. Dr. Carroll holds a BA in Chemistry and Physics from DePauw University, M.S. from Tulane University, and a PhD in Organic Chemistry from Indiana University.  Dr. Carroll is currently Chair of the ACS Board of Directors and also served as President of ACS in 2005.   He has chaired numerous committees for a variety of chemistry, plastics, fire protection, and recycling organizations. He has served on expert groups commissioned by the United Nations Environmental Program, the U.S. EPA, and three individual states.


The Fine Print

ACS Webinars™ does not endorse any products or services. The views expressed in this presentation are those of the presenters and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of the American Chemical Society.


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  1. Ganpan Gao says:

    I missed this webinar, how can I download the slide/watch the record? Please advice. Thanks.

  2. admin says:

    Dear Ganpan — In about a week, please go to to view the recording and slides. Enjoy. — ACS Webinars

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