Chemistry & the Economy: From Stimulus to Sequester

Chemistry & the Economy: From Stimulus to Sequester

Business and Innovation Channel: Chemistry and the Economy Series

Is the health of the economy heading up or down? The market is up but unemployment is recovering at a historically slow pace. Demand for people and products are hyped, but where is the data to back the claims? Join Paul Hodges, International eChem, and Dr. David Harwell, ACS Careers, in a discussion about the ongoing impacts of the Great Recession on the chemical industries and the “new normal” in jobs.





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“Chemistry and the Economy: Year-end Review and Outlook” A short presentation followed by Q&A with speakers Paul Hodges, Chairman of International eChem and Dr. David Harwell Assistant Director for Career Management and Development at ACS


What You Will Learn

  • Review of what is happening today in the US and other major economies.
  • Discussion of supply vs. demand in the chemical sector.  Which one is bigger, and who wins and who loses?
  • Analysis of generational impacts of economic distress.


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Webinar Details

Date: Thursday, July 11, 2013

Time: 2:00-3:00 pm ET

Fee: Free



Meet Your Expert

Paul Hodges is Chairman of International eChem (IeC). Founded in 2001, IeC has built a reputation as trusted commercial advisers to the global chemical industry and its investment community. He is also serving as non-executive Chairman of a fast-growing technology spin-out from Heriot Watt University, Scotland. In addition, Paul writes the well-regarded ICIS ‘Chemicals and the Economy’ blog. Previously, Paul was an Executive Director of a $1B global business for Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI), Vice President of European Aromatics and Derivatives for DeWitt, and Vice President of Europe for ChemConnect. He is co-author of the new eBook, ‘Boom, Gloom and the New Normal’.



Moderated by
Dr. David Harwell is the Assistant Director for Career Management and Development at ACS. In his job, he works with chemical professionals throughout their careers. He is a chemist by training and a career counselor by profession. Before joining the staff of ACS Dave was a faculty member at the University of Hawaii focusing on silicon nanoparticles and supramolecular structures.





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