Disappearance of the Y Chromosome

Disappearance of the Y Chromosome

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Why do we need men? Why do we have sex? Why do we have sexes? The “mark of a male” is the iconic Y chromosome but did you know that it is a shrunken remnant of its former self? Join our resident geneticist, Dr. Darren Griffin, as he discusses how the Y chromosome came to shrink and in particular, whether this shrinkage means that it will inevitably disappear into nothingness.



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What You Will Learn

  • What does the human genome look like
  • The genetic differences between females and males
  • Why do we have sexes
  • How the Y chromosome is shrinking
  • The eventual disappearance of men, can’t live with them…can’t live without them?
  • and much much more…


Webinar Details

Date: Thursday, September 26, 2013

Time: 2:00-3:00 pm ET

Fee: Free


Meet Your Experts

Darren Griffin, PhD is Professor of Genetics at the University of Kent, UK. Previously he was Professor of Genetics at Brunel University. In 2002, he was admitted as a fellow of the Society of Biology and in 2008 he was awarded both a fellowship of the Royal College of Pathologists and Doctor of Science from the University of Manchester. He was awarded the Institutional Teaching Prize for his work in supervising graduate students and was recently shortlisted for Research Project of the Year by the Times Higher Education supplement. Dr. Griffin completed his post-doctoral research in Cleveland, Ohio and at The University of Cambridge. He received his PhD at University College London in 1992, graduated from the University of Manchester in 1988.

Bill Courtney is the chef/owner of Cheese-ology Macaroni & Cheese, located in the University City Loop, just west of the city of St. Louis, Missouri. Following completion of his undergraduate degree in Chemistry at the University of Missouri – Columbia, Bill worked a short time as a Q.C. Chemist for ConvaTec. A shift in interest eventually took Bill to The Genome Institute at Washington University, where he spent 9 years working with the leading genetic and genomic research scientists in the United States. In a radical move, Bill struck out on his own to open Cheese-ology, the culmination of years of a self-described “un-natural obsession” with Macaroni & Cheese. Open since June 2010, Cheese-ology Macaroni & Cheese features over 15 varieties of Macaroni & Cheese to satisfy any Mac & Cheese craving.

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