Ten Commandments for Being a Successful Scientist

Ten Commandments for Being a Successful Scientist

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“Ten Commandments for Being a Successful Scientist” A short presentation followed by Q&A with speaker Dr. Darren Griffin, Professor of Genetics at the University of Kent, UK.



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Some believe the successful were simply “lucky,” but what is luck?  Luck, some define, is when preparation meets opportunity.  And many weary scientists have wondered how to find that opportunity.  Look no further – join ACS Webinars™ and our speaker, Professor Darren Griffin, of the University of Kent, UK, as he reveals ten essential keys to proactively create that opportunity and define your scientific success!


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What You Will Learn

  • How to recognize opportunity when it knocks on the door
  • How to choose an effective network
  • How to position yourself to an audience who will listen
  • How to have the courage to turn and walk away when it doesn’t work
  • And much more…

Webinar Details

Date: Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Time: 2:00-3:00 pm ET

Fee: Free


Meet Your Expert

Darren Griffin, PhD is Professor of Genetics at the University of Kent, UK. Previously he was Professor of Genetics at Brunel University. In 2002, he was admitted as a fellow of the Society of Biology and in 2008 he was awarded both a fellowship of the Royal College of Pathologists and Doctor of Science from the University of Manchester. He was awarded the Institutional Teaching Prize for his work in supervising graduate students and was recently shortlisted for Research Project of the Year by the Times Higher Education supplement. Dr. Griffin completed his post-doctoral research in Cleveland, Ohio and at The University of Cambridge. He received his PhD at University College London in 1992, graduated from the University of Manchester in 1988.


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The Fine Print

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4 Responses to “Ten Commandments for Being a Successful Scientist”

  1. Andrew Ekstrom says:

    What about using good statistical methodology to design and analyze your data? Anyone that took a class in regression modeling can find mistakes in the analysis of many articles. Anyone that takes an experimental design class from a stats/industrial engineering department can find mistakes in many textbooks. Where does good planning and proper data analysis fit in with being a successful scientist?

  2. Janet Doyle says:

    Commandment Eleven:
    Don’t reinvent the widget. Look up the original plans and all pertinent modifications first. Understand what the big words mean. Use ingenuity and passion to make the widget better. Never, never, never allow bad politics and greed to get in the way of good science.

  3. Vinod Kumar says:

    Don’t Let The Bastards Grind You Down-
    Nil carborundum illegitimi

  4. simon holder says:

    Ironic that a University of Kent bioscientist holds a presentation at the ACS. Kent closed their BSc chemistry programme back in 2003.

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