Meet the Team

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The ACS Webinars® staff is based in Washington DC with contributors worldwide serving as content advisors, subject matter experts, and event moderators.

Meet the ACS Webinars® Multimedia Team

Samuel Toba

Samuel is a chemist at heart and enjoyed his learning periods at Towson (Go Tiger!), Penn State (Go Nittany!), UCSF (a great institution without a mascot), and SDSU (Go Aztec!). He has worked in industry and start-ups in various scientific and business roles before moving to Washington, DC and became an association bureaucrat.

Michael David

Michael is the Host for ACS Webinars® and has always had a love of chemistry and science. As a child, he watched many hours of “NOVA” and “Bill Nye the Science Guy” on PBS. Unfortunately, he was sidetracked by the seductive world of public administration in college and strayed from his true love. Working for ACS Webinars® has given him the perfect opportunity to get his life back on the right track and redeem himself from his sojourn in to social science.

Tanya Fogg

Tanya is Project Manager for the weekly webinar productions and special events.  She has many years experience with ACS members and governance. The “Program-in-a-Box” event is the latest collaboration with the ACS Younger Chemists Committee.


Erik Holderman

Erik is a Co-Producer for ACS Webinars ® and looks forward to adding his marketing experience and creative energy to every weekly webinar. In addition to managing the weekly production of ACS Webinars®, a main focus will be creating short format videos like ACS Webinets TM, which aim to deliver quick chemistry insight from some of the most popular hour long webinars.


Santita Dwi Putri

Santita is the Social Media Manager and Multimedia specialist for the ACS Webinars ®. If you receive a clever tweet or see a witty post it will most likely come from her. She brings years of video, graphics, and new media journalism experience from her previous position as a TV host and Assistant Producer at Voice of America Indonesian entertainment programs and graduate studies at Full Sail University.