Sous Vide Cooking and Chemistry

Sous Vide Cooking and Chemistry

Joy of Science Channel: Food Chemistry Series

The use of vacuums and precisely controlled temperatures. Sounds like chemistry but is actually Sous vide. Join Dr. Douglas Baldwin as he explains the science behind this precise form of cooking that can make the toughest cuts of meat come out tender, juicy and medium rare.



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What You Will Learn

  • The perfect egg yolk is a balance of time and temperature.
  • You can make tough cuts of meat tender while keeping them medium-rare.
  • You can make poultry safe to eat without making it dry and rubbery.


Congratulations to our Sous Vide for the Home Cook Book Winner, David Kalet, and his winning response to the question, “How do I use chemistry to enhance my cooking creations?”

“I think it is important to understand the properties of materials, and food is certainly a material. One of my proudest recipes is “asparagus wraps” that are grilled and have a cheese filling.  I wanted a recipe that could be grilled and seal the cheese into the wrap.  The trouble with many recipes was that the cheese would often run out of the wrap before the asparagus and wrap was cooked.  Also many of these “wrap” recipes used bacon.  I realized that the lower the fat content of the wrap (and thickness) was requiring longer cooking time; this caused the cheese to liquefy and run out.  I used a thin, lean prosciutto and low fat swiss and grated romano to solve that problem.”


Get David’s Grilled Asparagus Wrap Recipe!


Webinar Details

Date: Thursday, May 9, 2013

Time: 2:00-3:00 pm ET

Fee: Free


Meet Your Experts

Dr. Douglas Baldwin wrote Sous Vide for the Home Cook, one of the first sous vide cookbooks, while getting a Ph.D. in applied mathematics from the University of Colorado at Boulder. In his cookbook and web guide, he uses math and science to explain the whys and not just the hows of cooking meat, fish, poultry, and vegetables.





Dr. Sara Risch is the Director of R&D and QA for Popz Europe, a microwave popcorn company. Prior to joining Popz, she had her own consulting business, working with food, flavor and packaging companies. She received her both her B.S. and Ph.D. in Food Science from the University of Minnesota. She has an M.S. in Food Science from the University of Georgia. Her work has focused primarily on microwave foods and food-package interactions



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9 Responses to “Sous Vide Cooking and Chemistry”

  1. phillip parker says:

    how do I use science in cooking?
    answer: I measure.

  2. william deines says:

    My comment re sous vide webinar and chance to win copy of book:

    I enhance my cooking results by doing two things. First, whenever possible I weigh my ingredients rather than using volume estimates. Second, I am adventurous in experimenting to determine the optimum conditions to use to obtain the best cooking final product.

  3. John Shuler says:

    How do I use science in cooking?
    I perfected my mother’s chocolate fudge recipe by carefully measuring ingredients and especially controlling the cooking and cooling temperatures with a calibrated digital thermometer.

  4. admin says:

    Thank you for your submission to win Sous Vide for the Home Cook.
    Erik Holderman
    ACS Webinars

  5. admin says:


    Thank you for your submission to win Sous Vide for the Home Cook.
    Erik Holderman
    ACS Webinars

  6. Jud Heriot says:

    Is it too late to enter the drawing for the book?

    I have to learn all over. I cooked by taste and smell. Can’t do that with a souls vide bag!

  7. admin says:


    Thank you for interest in ACS Webinars! Yes, unfortunately it is too late to enter to win Dr. Baldwin’s Book “Sous Vide for the Home Cook” but check out his first ACS Webinar and his free online Sous Vide Guide at the websites below.


    Erik Holderman
    ACS Webinars

  8. Paul says:

    Tried to view the webinar from the link. FIRST you have to set up an American Chemical Society account – and THEN trying to view the webinar gives:-

    We’re sorry.
    Access to this area is restricted. You aren’t authorized to view this page.

    Is this an intelligence test maybe? lol

  9. admin says:

    Dear Paul — It may be that you are not an ACS member. The recording of ACS Webinars is provided to ACS members, about one week after the live presentation. If you are not a member and would like to join, please do so here: If you are an ACS member, please send an email to so that we may research. — ACS Webinars

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