The “Art” in Startups: Getting Funded

The “Art” in Startups: Getting Funded

“The “Art” in Startups:  Getting Funded” A short presentation followed by Q&A with speakers Joseph Steig, Director of VentureWell at NCIIA, and Stephen Flaim, President of the San Diego Tech Coast Angels.



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Business & Innovation: Chemical Entrepreneurship Series

You may have a great idea, but how do you persuade investors to sustain funding all the way from development to market?  Raising capital is among the most fundamental of all business activities, yet it is one of the least understood by scientists. Get valuable inside perspectives on what investors look for and learn the keys to building a high growth venture! Join our speakers, Joseph Steig, Director of VentureWell at NCIIA, and Dr. Stephen Flaim, President of San DiegoTech Coast Angels, as they reveal the “art” in startups!


What You Will Learn

  • Trends in angel investing and venture capital
  • The three key things a technology innovator needs to understand about building a high growth venture
  • Differences between Venture Capital and Angel Investor funding
  • What it takes to attract angel capital investors
  • What constitutes angel fundable companies
  • How angels can help their portfolio companies
  • And much more…


Webinar Details

Date: Thursday, October 20, 2011

Time: 2:00-3:00 pm ET

Fee: Free



Meet Your Expert

Joseph Steig, is the Director of VentureWell at NCIIA, provides advisory support and seed funding to university innovators developing ventures in sustainable materials and global health.  Joseph is also founder of the angel group. River Valley Investors and serves as CFO of Long River Ventures.  He has extensive experience in economic development and has worked in sectors as diverse as aquaculture and software.  Mr. Steig has a B.A. from Hampshire College.



Dr. Stephen Flaim is Founder and President of Flaim Partners Consulting, Cofounder and CEO of CardioCreate, Inc. and Chairman & CEO of OncoFluor, Inc. He is Vice-Chair and member of the Board of Directors of the Tech Coast Angels, President of the San Diego Tech Coast Angels, and an Entrepreneur-in-Residence with CONNECT.  Steve holds a doctorate in Human Physiology and Pharmacology from the University of California at Davis.



The Fine Print

ACS Webinars™ does not endorse any products or services. The views expressed in this presentation are those of the presenters and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of the American Chemical Society.



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    Very informative. Thsnks for selecting these presenters.

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