Featured Testimonials

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Below is some feedback we have received from industry professionals, educators, students, and chemistry fans about ACS Webinars®.  We would like to thank everyone who has kindly shared their thoughts.


“We chemists need ACS now more than ever.  Where once our positions were secure, there have been many 
disappointments from downsizing/outsourcing/bad economy/etc, from big to little pharma, to device companies, 
and more recently (it seems) to academia.  ACS is a standard-bearer that is supporting the needs of its members.ʺ  

- Richard Smith, Research Director,  Insight Institute of  Neurosurgery and Neuroscience  



“I like this as very quick way to pick up material without getting into the details of many papers.  There is the benefit of asking questions, but saves me the time and cost of travel to a conference.  As a member of the “YouTube Generation”, I thoroughly enjoyed this format of presentation.”

- Brian Schonder, Chemistry Student, UNC Charlotte 


“This was a well organized and well delivered presentation. I appreciated the breath of experience and perspective the speaker could bring to a complicated subject. Thanks for organizing this event.”

- John G. Shabushnig, Pfizer Quality Operations Center


 “Thank you! This very much increases the value of ACS to the chemistry community and helps make ACS the go-to source on a very regular basis.ʺ  

- Doris Lewis, Professor of Chemistry, Suffolk University


“I found… [ACS Webinars] are highly relevant and helpful for my career.”

- Wenle Tao


“This webinar was great! I’m gearing up to start writing my thesis and the tips in the webinar are going to make a huge difference in my writing.”

- Lauren Gaskill, Graduate Student, Medicinal Chemistry, VCU


“Very well done, considering how we were taught to write grants years ago…this webinar clearly addressed the 

active versus passive voice ’problem’ in an easy to understand way.”  

-Beverly Clement, Professor of General and  Organic Chemistry, Blinn College


“Great seminar! I was watching it with my high school kids.  This seminar provides an excellent base to teach some concept of organic chemistry and biochemistry.  Kids are much more motivated to learn when a real life application is involved. I am looking forward for more of these kind of seminars.”

- Brigitte Schmidt, Sr. Chemist, MBIC, Carnegie Mellon University


“I try to tune into these webinars as often as possible… a great value-added [service] that needs to be promoted to the max!”

 - Alexander Koukoulas


“[ACS Webinars] has been most helpful in my practice as a consultant”

- Jose Sentmanat


“[ACS Webinars provides] insightful and provocative concepts with applications for career and for life.”

- Richard Woodward


“Presentation was done at a very high level and covered all aspects in a very efficient manner.”

- Jayne E. Hastedt


 Please share your thoughts with us at acswebinars@acs.org.