Surviving Chemistry With Humor, Job Searching with Social Media and Eminent Scientist Lecture

Surviving Chemistry With Humor, Job Searching with Social Media and Eminent Scientist Lecture



Job Searching with Social Media

(Monday March 26, 2012 at 11am PT, Broadcast from: Convention Center Room 10)


Download Session Handout – How to Write Your LinkedIn Summary

Download Session Handout – 7 Mistakes Job Seekers Make Online


‘Like’ social media? We hear it over and over again – you need to use social media in your job search. But, no one ever explains how! #Fail. Fear not, @ACS Careers is here to help! Based on years of consulting experience and helping people get hired, Joshua Waldman has identified seven key areas of social media job searching to help you maximize your job opportunities. Using entertaining stories and practical step-by-step advice, Joshua will show you how to use social media to propel your job search. #Success! Are you ready?

  • Look great online
  • Transform yourself into a job magnet
  • Optimize your discoverability by recruiters who use social media to find talent (which is most of them!)
  • Define and successfully communicate your personal brand online
  • Develop and fully leverage your personal network to find work as quickly as possible


Surviving Chemistry with Humor

(Tuesday March 27, 2012 at 11am PT, Broadcast from: Convention Center Room 10)


Need a laugh? Feeling overwhelmed with school or work? You are not alone! A recent survey by UC Berkeley found that 95% of all graduate students feel overwhelmed, and over 67% have felt seriously depressed at some point in their careers. Join us for just the right remedy! Using a potent potion of humor and laughter, Jorge Cham recounts his own experiences as a graduate student, university instructor, and researcher in neural prosthetics. He will diagnose chemists’ anxieties and explore the guilt, the myth, and the power of procrastination. Learn the power of laughter again – it’s free! And we promise it will feel good.


Eminent Scientist Lecture

(Monday March 26, 2012 at 3pm PT, Broadcast from: Convention Center Room 20D)


Imagine a career where your job is gathering and analyzing cloud samples over California, Wyoming, Colorado, and the Caribbean, while at the same time, helping to protect our environment. Possible? Yes, that is the exciting career that Dr. Kimberly Prather has carved out and she will share her journey with you. You get an up-to-date perspective on our changing climate, groundbreaking experiments and the many opportunities available for chemistry students and professionals interested in protecting the environment. Don’t settle for less… aim for the clouds. Literally!



Meet the Experts!

Joshua Waldman is an author, speaker, and trainer who makes it possible for people to regain control over their careers, even in today’s tough economy. As the author of Job Searching with Social Media for Dummies, he has traveled extensively offering keynote presentations and workshops throughout the U.S. on such topics as personal branding, online reputation, and advanced LinkedIn strategies. His consulting firm enables professionals to break away from outdated and ineffective job search strategies in favor of tested and proven internet-based strategies.


Jorge Cham is a Chinese Panamanian cartoonist and roboticist best known for his popular newspaper and web comic strip Piled Higher and Deeper (PhD Comics). Jorge lives in the United States, where he started drawing PhD Comics as a graduate student at Stanford University. Featured on NPR, he has been syndicated in several university newspapers and in four published book collections. He has presented his talk, The Power of Procrastination, at university campuses around the world.


Kimberly Prather is the Distinguished Chair in Atmospheric Chemistry at the University of California, San Diego.  An internationally recognized authority in climate science, her research on the role of aerosols in cloud formation has shed new light on air pollution and global climate change.  Among her research achievements, Dr. Prather spearheaded the first direct detection of biological particles within ice clouds in 2009.   When not on land, she can be found in the skies in her custom C-130 Hercules “Shirley” gathering and analyzing cloud samples.



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